Report on the delivered conference

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Overview of activities delivered in the scope of THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON QUALITY OF LIFE 2016.

Day I

During and at the end of each section there was intensive discussion and exchange of views, whose conclusions are:

  • In order to improve the quality of life as a multidimensional concept, it is necessary to take into account the opinions of relevant stakeholders at different levels.
  • Through the exhibited works and discussion are open to many questions of which can be distinguished:
    • improvement of quality of life through the exploitation of new technologies,
    • results of the application of the QMS,
    • business excellence,
    • e-quality and the quality of communication,
    • Sustainable Development,
    • improvement of product quality,
    • certification organization and products,
    • lack of accredited laboratories and the importance of certain areas,
    • the quality of services to improve the quality of life (tourism, etc.).
    • the quality of life in cities,
    • quality of life at work, etc.

Day II

During and at the end of each section was an intensive exchange of views and discussions, whose conclusions are:

  • the quality of life is one of the world’s global objectives and it is necessary to intensively work on its realization;
  • the exhibited works and discussion are open to many questions, such as:
  • Sustainable Development,
  • urban and industrial ecology,
  • recycling,
  • mathematical models to explore satisfaction and happiness,
  • environmental quality parameters and monitoring of environmental quality, and
  • legislation in the field of ecology and quality of life.

The Festival was the quality of the 104 registered participants, 54 entries.

The event was media coverage of television Kragujevac, Serbian Science Television and other media. News about conference are announced on TV Kragujevac, Serbian television and scientific transfer cites,, and others.

At the international conference 54 papers were reported, of which 21 works by authors from abroad. Authors of the total number of foreign countries (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Montenegro, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, India, Croatia) have submitted their papers and contributed to the success of the conference.

Announced the second International conference on the quality of life for 2017.