Quality Festival 2015 has the aim to provide an international forum of experts from industry and academia to exchange ideas and present results of ongoing research through a range of topics.
The official language of the 9th International quality conference is English.
The official language of the 42nd National quality conference, 10th Conference about quality of life and 6 of the Conference of students of industrial engineering and management is Serbian.

The venue: Kragujevac, Serbia, Faculty of Engineering, St. Sestre Janjić 6, 4-6. June 2015.


Opening: Hotel Kragujevac

Accommodation: Hotel Kragujevac

Call for abstracts
Scientific (organizational) committee invites authors to submit abstracts for inclusion in the program of the Festival. Abstracts must be submitted by email. The content of the abstract must be in accordance with the instructions for writing the manuscript: introduction methodology-results-conclusion. All abstracts must be submitted in English (English version).

Review of abstracts / papers will be made by the Scientific committee of the Festival.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is April, 2015.
The deadline for submission of work is May, 2015.


Abstracts must be written in Serbian and English (English Int. Conf.), full names of the authors (co-authors) and e-mail address must be given. This is the information that will be used in further correspondence, opt for the method of presentation (speech or poster).


The abstract must be sufficiently informative. The contents of this abstract use the following structure:
– Use the font Times New Roman size 11
– Aim of the research
– methods used
– results
– conclusion
maximum length of the abstract is 250 characters (automatically limited) the name of the abstract must be bold, and it is necessary to use standard abbreviations.