Quality festival

42. National Conference on Quality

Section 1: Global Quality (Topics: Culture of Quality, Leadership, Social innovation path to social excellence, Business Excellence, Path to business excellence, Competitiveness in the 21st century, Environmental management, Certification and quality systems in the accreditation process).

Section 2: Quality of products / services (Topics: The quality system of public administration and public enterprises, Product Quality, Innovation in health care and quality, Innovation and quality in tourism, measurement, Control and quality in production, Hosin Kanri).

Section 3: Engineering and Quality Management (Topics: Changes in ISO 9001: 2015 in LEAN manufacturing and service organizations, WCM – World Class Manufacturing, Integrated Management Systems, Quality Navigating through the organization, Quality and safety in the food chain, Leadership – needed skills for business and communication, Processes strengthening to improve performance, Quality systems certification and accreditation process).

Template for making manuscript can be found on this link.

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