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June, 2016

Conference about Quality of Life until now was a part of a National Quality Conference.
This year we celebrated its 10th anniversary. List of papers from this year conference can be found on this link:

Conference Theme and Topics:

Theme conference is “Quality of Life in the Future” and we welcome papers from all related disciplines.

Conference paper template:

Download conference template here.

Theoretical Approaches

  • Foundations for quality of life, well-being and happiness
  • Interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary views on quality of life in new philosophical approaches (e.g., paradigm, capability, new realism, freedom)
  • Impacts of contemporary sciences on quality of life
  • Preservation of living conditions and intergenerational justice
  • Art and culture: philosophy, experience and quality of life

Empirical Approaches

  • Modeling happiness and quality of life Social indicators – instruments for the improvement and preservation of quality of life.
  • Living conditions, life domains, and quality of life over the life cycle (life cycle phases-life stages).
  • Health and quality of life (physical, mental).
  • Quality of life and satisfaction at work. Key studies the quality of life of students and young people.
  • Quality of life and satisfaction at work
  • Key studies the quality of life for local and state government.

Local, Regional and Global Quality of Life

  • Quality of life in the local and regional environment including community well-being, planning, and development.
  • Trends in poverty, inequality and the distribution of living conditions in cross-national perspectives.
  • Global and regional impacts (increasing world population, global economics, climate change, limits of resources, immigration, border conflicts, wars) on the distribution of living conditions within and between countries.

Sustainable Development and Quality of Life

  • Quality of life in Agenda 21. Sustainable management of natural resources and quality of life.
  • Sustainability, excellence and quality of life.
  • Role of families in achieving quality of life and happiness.

Freedom and Quality of Life

  • Freedom as the basis of life.
  • The freedom of the individual and the nation on quality of life.
  • Basic principles of globalism, freedom and quality of life.
  • Methodology of Quality of Life and Happiness.

Quality and Quality of Life

  • Quality paradigm.
  • Quality/quality of life in organizations.
  • Quality/quality of life on regional/state levels.
  • Quality/quality of life in international standards and legislatives.
  • Impact of quality on quality of life.

Impact of development science and technology on quality of life

  • Foundation of impact of science and technology on quality of life.
  • Impact of science and technology on quality of life in Ancient times and the New century.
  • Impact of science and technology on quality of life in Current times.
  • Impact of science and technology on quality of life in Future.

Methodology of Quality of Life and Happiness

  • Statistical methods and multidimensional applications for measurement of quality of life.
  • Heuristic methods in quality of life and happiness.
  • Methods for the measurement of happiness and quality of life.
  • Dynamic modeling quality of life and happiness.
  • Qualitative methods to study quality of life and happiness.
  • Databases, techniques, and sources.

Current Issues

  • Topics of special interest include, but are not limited to, social intolerance and justice, sustainability and resilience, employment, community, immigration, history of well-being, as well as the meaning of quality of life in the future. Enhancing quality of life – the role of philanthropy, public, private and social sectors.
  • Beyond Gross Domestic Product – review of debates and agenda for action. Applications and approaches for improving living conditions.
  • Unexplored potential and quality of life.
  • Impact Quality of life on performance.
  • Intersection of ideas for quality of life.
  • Model of quality of life leadership.
  • Quality of life economic model.

Perspectives of Quality of Life

  • Quality of life planning(strategic, tactical, operational).
  • New habitats on Earth and quality of life.
  • New habitats in Solar systems and quality of life.
  • Habitats in galactic space and quality of life.

Important dates:

Conference will be held from 09-10 june 2016, more information can be found at the following link Conference program.

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